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5 quick and easy tips for social media content



Social media is one of those areas that tends to leave many small business owners in a bit of a frazzled muddle. Often, they are all too aware of the reasons why they should be utilising the various social media platforms, but they then get caught up on the how – how to use the different platforms and how to create meaningful content to share with their followers.

When it comes to learning how to use the different social media platforms, you really have two clear options – take the time out to learn them all, or save your time and effort and outsource it to someone else (such as a VA or social media expert).

However, if you’re holding back from interacting with your audience because you don’t know what meaningful content to share – let me clarify a few points for you:

  • Meaningful content is just content that’s useful, educational and/or informative to your target audience
  • Your content doesn’t have to be new and unique
  • Due to algorithms, time restraints and when they started following you, none of your followers have seen every piece of content you’ve created.

5 quick and easy social media content creation tips

So, with that in mind, here’s 5 quick and easy tips for social media content that will be useful, educational and/or informative to your audience – and won’t take you very long to create!

Tip #1: Your popular posts

If you’ve had your blog running for any length of time, you have a wealth of great content to share with your social media followers. Use Google Analytics to find your most popular posts – those with the most views, shares and/or comments – and schedule them in to appear regularly on your social media platforms.

Tip #2: Your opt-in freebie

Your opt-in freebie is something you’ve spend time and/or money creating. It’s also a valuable resource for your website visitors, something that’s captivating enough to entice them to sign up to your mailing list. You’re then doing a disservice to your social media followers, if you don’t let them know about it too. Set up a recurring scheduled post to regularly remind them of this available great resource.

Tip #3: Blog post snippets

You spend time regularly creating some great blog posts and I’m sure you already schedule in the links to them on your social media accounts, as you go. However, you can also use the content to create tailor-made snippets of information for additional statuses too. Whether it’s a useful quote or phrase, a top tip or a great resource, these make quick and easy, useful status updates for your followers. It only takes an extra 5 minutes, to go through your newly written blogs, picking out snippets to use – but can give you a mass of new ideas for status updates.

Tip #4: Other people’s stuff

There’s a goldmine of great information available online. Whether you’ve just finished reading a well-written blog that your audience would love, or have found a video sharing a great new technique, why not share the love by sharing it on your social media platforms? It takes next to no time, to hit the share button.

Tip #5: Ask questions

Finally, never assume that a meaningful status must equate to a long one! Questions are a great example of this. Whether you opt for a quick off-topic question or one that really makes your audience think, questions are the perfect way to engage with your audience. You can use them to survey your target market on a proposed new product, drill down into the habits and problems of your target audience, or simply get a conversation going – you’re only limited by your imagination and curiosity.

Creating new status updates doesn’t have to be longwinded or time consuming. By spending a couple of extra minutes on top of your usual routine and the above quick tips, you’ll easily find a wealth of content ideas for sharing on your social media platforms.

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