A holistic approach to Digital Marketing



When you hear the phrase, ‘Digital Marketing’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Advertising on Google? Business Social Media pages? Emailing newsletters out to customers? Writing blogs? Digital Marketing covers all these things and more.  If you are communicating with customers online or selling products or services from your own website or a third-party platform like eBay, Amazon, Etsy, etc. then your business relies on Digital Marketing to be successful.

To focus on one aspect of Digital Marketing without actively engaging in other areas is generally a mistake.  I’ve seen businesses invest everything in Facebook, using it to store photos, videos and documents, using its advertising platform, using its built-in shop feature as their primary sales platform, and relying on it as their primary customer communication tool to keep in touch with customers, followers and fans alike.  However, it only takes a complaint here, a ‘terms of use’ infringement there (some of which can be caused by over-enthusiastic algorithms rather than anything you have done wrong) or – worst case scenario, the page being hacked – and you’ve lost everything.  Facebook are a challenging bunch to get hold of if you are having problems with your account, so rectifying major issues isn’t quick or straightforward, and usually results in significantly raised stress levels for a prolonged period of time!

From my perspective, a cross-channel approach to Digital Marketing is best: Create a website, optimise it appropriately for relevant keywords (SEO), consider paid for advertising on Google to make your website more visible, reach out to your target demographic on the social media platform they favour, build positive relationships with prospects and customers alike through some savvy sales and marketing automations… just don’t put all of your eggs in one basket! As sure as night follows day, your customers change and develop, and what works now won’t necessarily always be the case a few months from now. This is why a dynamic and flexible approach to digital marketing is so important for the vast majority of business owners.

Another thing to remember when it comes to Digital Marketing is that your efforts need to be integrated and consistent.  Some large organisations I’ve worked with have marketing departments large enough to delegate different responsibilities to separate marketing teams (i.e. a social media marketing team, an email marketing team, a website content team, etc.) and though it sounds like a great way of working to ensure that you’ve got specialists working in every area of your digital marketing, it’s just not effective unless there is regular and detailed communication between those teams.  Even if you are running everything ‘digital marketing’ related in your own business, don’t think of the different aspects of digital marketing as separate entities – make sure that your brand message and identity is consistent across platforms and that you learn from what works AND what doesn’t work so that your digital marketing can continue to develop and improve, and help you build positive relationships with the people who really matter: your customers.

If you’d like to ensure that all of your digital marketing efforts are in-line and working effectively together, why not get in touch?

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