Build out your Christmas offer funnel



I know, I know, but it’s never too early to mention the C word!

Do you need to develop an eye-catching and engaging Christmas offer for your business to help boost sales over the festive period? Perhaps you need to build awareness of your brand and business with new potential customers all ready for a new year membership programme? If this sounds like you, you need a Christmas offer funnel.

A ‘funnel’ is a customer’s journey with you, from the moment they first become aware of your product/service via social media, or the organic or paid-for search results, right through to the moment they buy a full price product or service from you – and beyond, as they become repeat customers or advocates for your business.

A funnel is wide at the top and narrower at the bottom, reflecting the fact that not every individual that becomes aware of your business will end up making a purchase.

So how can you create a Christmas offer funnel? Here’s a basic framework which could help you to develop yours:

1.) Start by creating something that will bring increased awareness of your business to your target customers.  Who are your ideal customers? What problems do they face on a daily basis in their life or business? How could you help them address or solve one of those problems?  Why not create a free webinar or worksheet or downloadable resource that conveys your knowledge and expertise and helps them solve one of their problems? Publicise it on social media, via email, etc. to increase awareness of your business and this free or low-cost ‘lead magnet’.

2.) Get potential customers to consider you seriously as a business they want to work with.  After a potential customer has signed up for your free item and given explicit permission for you to market to them, why not reach out to them and offer a ‘special price’ or bundle of products that they might be interested in.  You’ve already shown them the quality of your work, your knowledge and expertise, now is the time to nudge them into making a purchase with you.

3.) Don’t abandon your customer the second their payment is processed! Wow them with the ease of purchasing from you and the potential of some relevant and appealing cross-sells or upsells that they might not have considered.  Make sure that you provide them with useful onboarding information post-purchase (i.e. important information about how to use the product or how to make the most of the service you provide) so that they feel supported and valued post-purchase.

4.) Keep in touch! Once a customer has bought from you, don’t ‘ghost’ them! Check in with them monthly with appropriate news and offers, and if the product or service that they have purchased has a limited lifespan (i.e. a 12-month warranty, etc.), reach out the them just before renewal is due to encourage them to come back to you rather than go elsewhere.  It’s far more likely that you’ll make a sale to an existing customer who has already purchased from you and been very happy with the product and service they’ve received, rather than a first-time customer who has only just heard about your business and is not yet convinced enough to make a purchase.

If you need help developing a Christmas offer funnel for your business, get in touch! I’m here and happy to help.

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