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Webinars give you the perfect opportunity to connect with a large number of your ideal customers. However small business owners tend to avoid doing webinars, as they see them as difficult to set up and run.

However, if they’re done the right way, webinars can be great for helping you build your expertise, sharing your experience and boosting your earnings – whilst being super easy to run. Follow these simple tips to get started.

Tip Number One: Focus on giving great value

webinars need valueYour focus NEEDS to be on giving your attendees what they want – great value – not on your potential financial rewards. Look to give information that is:

  • Valuable and attractive
  • Something they can work with
  • Examples and stories they can relate to
  • Set up to solve a problem
  • Over-delivering

Also, schedule the webinar to be at a suitable time for your audience, to maximise attendance.

Tip Number Two: Structure your webinar

You want to structure your webinar in a way that encourages attendees to stay until the end. Let them know, both at sign up and at the beginning of the webinar, that you’ll be offering something of value to them, both during the webinar AND by way of an exclusive offer and discount at the end.

Follow a simple strategy for your webinar:

  • Meet and greet your guests
  • Set expectations – who you are, what you’re going to cover and why it’s important to them etc.
  • Explain how it’s an overview or just one solution – due to time restraints etc. This sets up the expectation that there are going to be further opportunities to learn and work with you at a later date
  • Give your main content. Back it up with stories, examples and your opinions
  • Recap and/or summary
  • Make your offer
  • Give them a call to action – a deadline and what to do before that time

It's not about sign ups

Tip Number Three: It’s not about the numbers

It’s not about the amount of attendees you have – it’s about the quality of those attendees. Look to attract and advertise to your ideal clients and customers, otherwise you’ll end up with lots of people dropping out of the webinar early.

Tip Number Four: It’s not a free webinar

‘Free’ is often associated with a sales pitch-fest, so make sure you watch how you word your webinar. Make it a training session, a strategy call or similar – rather than a free webinar.

Tip Number Five: The money is often AFTER the webinar

You may get some signups during the webinar, but most of the money will come from the mailing list of emails you’ve built up. Look to have a follow-up email sequence in place, giving out the webinar recording, details of the offer, further social proof of you and your offer, as well as countdown emails until the deadline.

Also, look to repurpose the webinar content itself. Use it to create:

  • Blog posts
  • Videos
  • Ebooks
  • Courses and programs
  • audio

Taking the onus from making money and moving it to giving attendees great value, frees you up to emotionally and energetically. This enables you to focus on doing a great job and building a relationship with all attendees – meaning better sales and a boosted profile in the long run.

Have you started your own webinars? What strategies do you feel are most important? Do you have tips to share with those who haven’t yet started them? Why not share your experiences and expertise, by leaving a comment in the box below!

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