Creating video: where’s your focus?



Videos are everywhere online now. We share them on social media frequently, YouTube is the now considered to be the second largest search engine and, according to Google, the third most visited site. It’s no surprise then, that businesses began jumping onto the video bandwagon a while ago, with more following suit on a regular basis.

And is it any wonder? Videos give you a unique way to put yourself in front of your ideal audience. You can set up your own video channel quickly and easily on YouTube and share your knowledge and expertise in a more personal, engaging way.

So if you’re one of those businesses who’d like to get into video creation or have just recently started, what should you be focusing on?

Where your focus usually is

When you talk to anyone who is delaying in getting started with video, there will be a couple of common ‘reasons’ for their delay. The first is worrying how to get started – the technical aspects of video creation, including what equipment to use and where to look when talking at the camera, and the second is appearance – how they look on camera and how professional the video looks.

I could tell you how, with the advent of today’s smart mobile phones, video recording can be as simple as you want it to be. I could tell share with you some advice about looking the best you can and talking to the camera, as you would talk to one of your closest friends – but this article is about focus – and your focus really needs to be elsewhere.

Where your focus needs to be

You see, the main place your focus needs to be is actually on giving value. How can I be of service to my ideal audience – is where you need to be focusing. You need to ensure you are giving the best value to your clients and potential customers. What can you create a video on that will really benefit your audience? What solutions and advice can you give them, that will make the most difference? What can you talk about, that will really get them unstuck and feeling better about their current situation? What can you share, that will help them move from where they currently are – and on to where they want to be?

At the end of the day, your clients don’t care if you use a fancy setting for your video or if you look really glamourous – if what you’re sharing with them isn’t important and valuable for them.

So pinpoint what’s considered as valuable to your ideal audience and create videos based on sharing this value with them. And the great thing about focusing on how you can be of service to and what will be valuable for them is this – you’ll be less stressed and will come across better on your videos, as you won’t be focusing on how you look and feel when recording them!

Do you use video in your business or are you just getting started? Do you have an idea of what’s valuable to your audience? What will be the next video you create? Why not share the topic of your next video in the comments box below – and let’s build some accountability around video creation!

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