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Content creation can take a huge chunk of time out of your working week. You need to keep creating valuable content in the guise of blog posts, website information, free downloads and sellable products and services, but it all takes time.

Not only do you have to actually think up WHAT to create, you also need to find the time to actually CREATE it. Luckily, there’s various ways you can streamline both the process and the creation, to ensure you’re creating new content consistently AND quickly.

Ways to speed up the ideas and creation process

mobile phone apps for content creationMobile phone apps

With the advent of smart phones, all entrepreneurs have a huge advantage over the predecessors – so take advantage of that! Whether you want a voice recorder to record ideas or to record a quick audio tip, a video recorder to record a candid video or a notepad to make a record of research sites – there’s a vast amount of apps you can use.

The humble notepad

Never underestimate the power of a ruled notepad! It can be somewhere to store your general notes, write down snippets of ideas or to plan out an entire series of products.

Repurpose existing content

We often stumble over creating new ideas – but why not make use of those ideas you’ve already had? Look through your most popular blog posts and see if you can revamp them or create a follow-up post for them. Record a new video based on the questions your previous videos have received and use your existing blog posts to create an ebook.

quality content creationChange the format

Whilst you’re looking at your existing content, look to change the format and easily create new content. You could pick out points from your blog posts to create a podcast, create a downloadable checklist to go with a video or package the whole lot together to create an online course!

Give a glimpse behind the scenes

If you want ultra-fast content creation, why not create a list of resources and/or methods you currently use in your business? This could be turned into various different products, such as downloads, checklists, blog posts etc.

Get organised!

Fast content creation can only happen if you’re organised. Follow these three tips to ensure you’re organised and ready to make the most of both your ideas and your time:

  1. Brainstorm once – create a list of ideas and keywords you can use for future products and use to create a content creation guide for the months ahead.
  2. Block your time – batch creation time together and bulk write posts, bulk record videos and podcasts.
  3. Keep it simple – look to keep your end creations simple. Stick to one topic per product.

You can create quality content, if you get organised with both your time and the methods you use – so what’s your next step towards creating your next batch of content and what will you be creating? Why not share your plans in the comments box below!

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