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Facebook adverts are a great way of boosting the visibility of your business content online with both new potential customers and your existing page subscribers.  When you post an update or offer on your business page, Facebook uses an algorithm to determine which of your audience to display that message to, and it’s not unusual for that to be less than 10% of the total number of fans on your page.  For this reason, more and more businesses are turning to paid for advertising on Facebook to ensure that their carefully created social media content is seen by the right people.

Facebook’s advertising power is both wonderful and slightly terrifying to behold! The platform holds a huge amount of data about its users, from their age and location to their favourite food and celebrity crush! For this reason, if you are trying to ‘reach out’ to a wider number of very specific individuals who fall within your target customer demographic, Facebook advertising is a powerful tool to add to your arsenal.

If you are new to Facebook Ads, it’s always worth seeking out the advice of an experienced Facebook Ads expert to help you avoid wasting money as you learn how to use the platform, and help you to create successful, low cost and high converting ads for your business, but here are a few basic tips to get started:

Don’t put too much text in your image – with image creation tools like Canva (https://www.canva.com/) making it incredibly simple to create eye-catching, branded visuals, it’s easy to get carried away and go a bit overboard with the text in your social media images. It’s important to note that too much text in an image can cause Facebook to show your advert to a smaller group of people (or not at all)[1], so keep text below 20% to help ensure this doesn’t happen.

Don’t be too ambiguous – you might want to be clever or quirky with your marketing, but make sure that your overall message is clear and the call to action is simple to follow to help keep costs low and conversions high.

Don’t be Spammy – promoting the same content in the same way all the time (and to the same people, as some individuals will be shown your content more than once) can sometimes be perceived as ‘spammy’. Keep an eye on the engagement rate and the complaints raised against your adverts, and change them if engagement is tailing off and/or you are getting a high number of complaints about your content being irrelevant to the audience you have selected as your target demographic.

Do proofread – Sometimes, when you spend all day every day writing marketing content for your business, you can become ‘blind’ to grammatical and spelling errors, etc. It’s worth reaching out to an objective third party to review the content for clarity, and ask for their overall feedback to make sure that you aren’t wasting money on content that isn’t of the usual high standard you would want to be associated with.

Do include a clear call to action – make sure you know what you want from your advert. Do you want people to visit your website? Do you want them to like your business page? Do you want them to read and comment on a blog? Determine why exactly you want to create a paid-for post and make sure that the call to action for that advert is clear and simple.

Do target appropriately – yes, it’s a nice thought that you could get your business post in front of half a million people, but how many of them are actually likely to be interested in your product/service? Facebook holds so much data about its users, so use that knowledge to really hone in on a specific target demographic, as that’s one of the key factors when it comes to keeping costs as low as possible and conversions as high as possible.

Do follow the rules – Facebook has a number of rules for advertising, and in certain sectors it’s even stricter. The guidelines are clearly laid out by Facebook[2], and every advert goes through an approval process (which can take up to 24 hours to complete). Violations of these rules can result in your advertising account and even your business page being taken down, so it’s worth ensuring that all of the content that you post on Social Media meets the standards set by the platform. If you’d like some help developing a Facebook advertising campaign for your business, please get in touch – I’d be happy to help you, whether you’re looking for a single advert or a full Facebook advertising strategy that links in with your wider Digital Marketing efforts.  Facebook advertising is perceived by some as a ‘money-pit’, but with carefully targeting and planning it can be an effective way of growing your

[1] https://www.facebook.com/business/help/980593475366490?id=1240182842783684

[2] https://www.facebook.com/policies/ads/

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