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Filling your Sales Funnel



Do you have a sales funnel that you’re trying to fill? 

Taking potential customers from product awareness stage (by sharing a top-quality freebie or low-cost product) right through to post purchase? If you’ve spent time, effort and money developing a successful and comprehensive sales funnel, you need to be able to start dropping potential customers into that funnel so that you can start making sales! 

So where are the best places to go to get that traffic? Here are my top traffic sources:

Pay per click: Why not consider advertising via Google or Bing for phrases that are highly relevant to your product or service and encourage people who don’t know about you or your business to visit the landing page that forms the start of your funnel.  Google Ads can be daunting, so start with ‘exact match’ phrases that are highly relevant to your offering and put a cap on your maximum spend per day. 

Free tools like https://answerthepublic.com/ or https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/ can provide a list of relevant keywords that people might be typing into the search engines to find your product or service to help you find your ‘exact match’ phrases, and get you appearing right at the top of the search results.

Social Media – paid and organic: If you’ve got an established Facebook or Instagram audience (or another social platform), why not publicise your freebie/low cost offering to them first via organic (not paid for) posts? This is the cheapest and easiest way to drive traffic to your site.  However, remember that Facebook’s algorithm means that not all of your audience will see your posts, so you might want to consider a paid for ad that serves your promotional content to everyone in your group/on your page and drives traffic through to where you want it.  To increase your reach, you could then advertise outside of your contacts with lookalike audiences, or using specific demographic characteristics in order to seek out people who resemble your ideal customer. 

Affiliate Marketing: Have you got a group of loyal customers that already love what you do and rave about it to their contacts? Why not encourage them to promote your product/service by offering them commission on any full price sales that you make as a result of their work? You will need to carefully track where people are coming from – this could be by simply asking customers where they heard about you from or using software that generates unique links for your affiliates to your landing pages and then attributes any sales directly to them automatically.  This is a great way of promoting your business, as you only pay for people who convert into full customers, meaning you are only paying for positive results.

Organic traffic to your website: Even if the majority of your traffic is coming from Pay per click, Social Media or Affiliate marketing, you should also spend a little extra time making your website landing page appear in the organic search listings too – you never know, you may get some relevant traffic absolutely free of charge! Start by choosing a keyword phrase that is relevant to your product/service (using the same tools that you did for your pay-per-click advertising) and then incorporate that keyword phrase into your written content, as an alt-tag for one image on the page, as the SEO title on the page, and in your meta-description.  If you’ve got a WordPress website, a plugin like Yoast can make optimisation super simple, but many other platforms also give you the ability to input SEO data, though you may have less control over the optimisation process.

There are lots of people out there just waiting for the product or service that you deliver, you just need to get it in front of them! So why not consider one of the traffic generating options above and start driving relevant traffic to your website as quickly as possible. 

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