Is running your business ruining your business?



 Is running your business ruining your business?

You know how it is. You start off your business as you are passionate about whatever it is you do – an expert in your field keen to turn what you know and love into something that is yours.

There are of course highs and lows in the early days – business hard won and tantalisingly lost. You work hard but manageably knowing that all the effort is going into building your brand. You are still smiling with the passion and excitement of your new business adventure – still proudly telling all you know about everything you do.

Then suddenly it happens – business takes off.

You find that mixed in with the work you loved is the burden of an ever-growing admin beast that can’t be tamed.


All at once you realise that your precious time is filled not with your personal passion, but with a list of tasks.

Tasks you don’t enjoy doing.
Tasks you don’t think you should be doing.
Tasks you don’t have time to be doing!

The hours you not only could but should be spending speaking with your clients and moving things forward are being spent keeping up to date with the business admin, submitting expenses, marketing online and updating your website.

Now, have you ever asked yourself how much that hour of your time is worth? For example, if you charge a client £100 per hour for your services, you are costing your business £100 per hour for each hour you spend on those tasks

Say you are a baker. You start out with your own bakery because baking is what you love to do. You have always had a passion for creating elaborate cakes, scrumptious pastries and gorgeous smelling bread. It is what you live for – and are good at. Seeing your customers happy and having time to chat with them makes you happy. Then, as business takes off and your client base grows you find that you are spending more and more time on the back end of the business rather than creating. You begin to feel unhappy and stressed as you struggle to fit in the profession you love and run the business too. Your personal life begins to suffer. You lose your passion and work becomes a chore.


You could continue to function this way and work long days, lose that work/life balance, however, there is another way.

Virtual staff can help you by allowing you to outsource your admin and other tasks for much less than you would be costing your business doing it all yourself. You are no longer losing the £100 per hour, but are making that £100 per hour as you have regained the time to sell your services to your clients. In addition you will be focusing on doing what you love.

Ask yourself, can you afford not to outsource if your competitors are? If they are investing in their businesses and allowing themselves the extra time to focus on their business whilst you are bogged down in admin hell? It’s time to regain control and focus on what is really important.

Don’t let running your business get in the way of growing your business.

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