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Does your online presence need a bit of a spring clean?



Your online presence is important. Whether you’re looking at your website, your sales funnels or your social media platforms. However, it can be all too easy to make the mistake that, once they’re set up, you can forget about them.

When it comes to your online presence, it needs to be relevant, specific and fresh – and this isn’t going to happen, if you set it once and then forget about it! So, when was the last time you gave your online presence a bit of a spring clean?

Tidying up your online presence is one of those things that can seem overwhelming at first. However, if you know where to start, you can make a lot of progress, in a short amount of time – so here’s some areas you can focus on, to get you started.

Your Website

This is usually your online base camp. It’s where you funnel in your prospects and show them more about who you are and what you offer. Here’s somethings you can do, to give it a bit of a spring clean tidy up:

Update your ‘About’ page

I’m guessing that a lot has changed, since you originally put this page together. Maybe you’ve gained new skills, tweaked your target audience or have won new awards – make sure this page accurately reflects your current position.

Give your over pages the once over

If you run an online business, there’s a good chance that you’re creating new sales pages as you go – but what about the old ones? Check that those old course pages are now deleted, update your home page and see what other pages need a bit of a spruce up.

Revamp those old posts

Take time to update those old (but popular) posts. Check for broken links and see if you can repurpose old content.

Your free resources

Are your free resources still relevant to your audience? Can you create something new or add additional content, to make your free resources even more appealing?

Get rid of inactive and unused plugins and themes

Many of us will go through and turn off old plugins and themes – but are you deleting them, so they don’t take up valuable storage space? Whilst you’re there, make sure you install any outstanding updates!

Your Social Media

Update your profile images

If you’ve been using the same images for your profile and/or header images, it may be time to freshen them up.

Update your bio and about sections

As with your website, your bio and about sections need to accurately reflect where you now are – so go through and add in new awards, update who you work with and make sure they’re still targeted to your ideal audience.

Check your links

It’s easy to forget about the different links in your social media accounts – so go through and check they’re pointing to pages and profiles that are still active.

Like and follows

Over time, the amount of people we’re following and pages we’ve liked can become huge – and the daily newsfeed content we’re seeing is a direct result of these. Go through and unlike or unfollow those things you’re no longer interested in hearing about.

Your photos

Another overlooked area is our photos. There may be old branding images, old challenges you no longer run, or bad images of you looking less than your best, that you’ve been tagged in but would rather not have your clients see – go through and delete them!

Your Mailing List

Bounced emails

Most mailing list platforms charge you based on how many contact you have – so make sure you’re keeping this relevant and up to day – by taking off those emails that are bouncing and not getting through.

Unopened emails

It’s worth also moving contacts that never open your emails to a new list. You can then set up a sequence to either phase them out or re-engage them.

Update your interaction

Can you revamp your efforts to interact with your audience? This could include adding in a new element (such as humour or sharing more personal stories) or revamping your email template.

Revamp your process

Is there anything you can do, to improve your opt-in process? Maybe you could ask for their address at an earlier stage or switch from weekly to fortnightly emails. Could you offer multiple ways for someone to sign up and use something like Thrive Leads to create multiple freebies, linked to specific blog posts or topics?

Spring cleaning your online presence can take a lot of energy and time, so make sure you schedule in a regular, manageable session. Why not share your tips and intentions for online spring cleans, in the comments box below!

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