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There is one thing entrepreneurs always seem to be short of… time! It could be that you’re only working part-time hours each week on your own business or you’re focusing all of your available time on getting get new clients and creating new products.

No matter what camp you’re in, there IS one thing that you can do to save time AND energy. Repurposing your existing content is an often overlooked, but simple strategy you can utilise to create new products AND draw in new clients.

So why is it so easily overlooked? Often, it’s simply a case that we’re all so focused on future goals and creating new products, we don’t stop to look at what we’ve ALREADY created!

get a content strategyGet a strategy in place for content creation

This is why it’s so important to plan out a strategy for creating new products. Sit down and brainstorm all of the different products you want to create – BEFORE you start creating the first one. That way, you can easily see how each of the products interacts with the next AND how you can mix and match the content. Look to make this at least an annual event in your calendar.

If you’ve already created a product, you can still follow a similar strategy. Just take time to note down an overview of what your product contains and, either follow on from it, or separate out the existing content and break it down into drilled down, laser-focused new products.

So, how else can you repurpose existing content? Take a look at these suggestions!

Blog posts and newsletters/autoresponder emails

These can be grouped together, either by topic or logical order, to create ebooks. You can also create podcasts and/or videos from them, either by expanding on the existing topic or just making the existing content into a different format.

If you’ve written a series of emails and/or blog posts on a specific topic, these can be compiled into short online courses and/or webinars and teleseminars.

Another option is to take these posts and emails and create slideshows and presentations from them (such as Slide.ly or even Hubpages).

You can also simple rewrite blog posts too – and either expand on them or write from a different viewpoint.

questionsFrequently asked questions and answers

Often, your potential clients and customers will have similar questions, so it makes sense to get these out into the world in various formats. These can be remade into videos and audio, so you can then put on YouTube and Soundcloud.

Existing videos and audio

If you have existing audio and video content, you can repurpose them to make courses and/or teleseminars and webinars.

Existing courses and books/ebooks

Of course, once you’ve created courses and ebooks from your existing content, you can STILL repurpose this content too! How about turning ebooks into online courses and online courses into in-person workshops and day courses etc.? You can also (if you haven’t already done so) pick the course material and books apart to create videos, audios, quotes and blog posts etc.… making it a complete cycle of repurposed and time saving content!

Finally, when repurposing your existing content, don’t forget your images and tweets/posts. They can also be repurposed – think inspirational picture quotes and new tweets and posts!

What are your thoughts on repurposed content? Do you currently make the most of what material you already have, or is it something you’re going to start doing? Did you take an inventory of what you previously created – and were you pleasantly surprised at how much content you could potentially repurpose? Why not share your thoughts and experiences on repurposing in the comments box below!

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