Simple ways to implement Pinterest in your business



Simple ways to implement Pinterest in your business

When you first look at Pinterest you could be mistaken for thinking it’s only for the ‘more creative’ or ‘visual’ type of business. Maybe you haven’t even had a good look at it, as you’ve written it off altogether. However, if your business is aimed at females, Pinterest really is a social media platform you can’t afford to ignore!

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What is Pinterest?

Pinterest has approximately 72.5 million users – and roughly 71% of them are women. It’s a visual bookmarking tool – meaning you can share interesting visual (images and video) content, along with clickable links onto the ‘boards’ you create. Other people can then follow you and/or browse through your boards and click on things they’re interested in.

Think about that for a second. You can have a board in your name, along with your contact and website details, AND share things that could link to your website – meaning more traffic and potential clients!

So how can you easily implement Pinterest in your business?

Here are a few ways to get you started.

Add a Pinterest button to your site

This creates a little icon on your images, meaning visitors to your site can share any of your images onto their own Pinterest boards. This makes sharing your images super easy! You can check out the official Pinterest for Business here.

Use the Pinterest widget bar

This allows you to share 30 of the most recent images from your Pinterest board onto your website – so you can ask people to follow your Pinterest boards, right from your website. Check it out here.

So, that’s how to IMPLEMENT Pinterest on your site – but what can you DO with it?

Ideas for Pinterest content

You can easily share other people’s Pinterest content by visiting their boards. But if you want help on sharing YOUR content, here’s a couple of quick ideas to get you started:

  • Create a blog post folder on Pinterest and share your blog post images – you can also create an image with your blog title in it and share that!
  • Share images of your services and products and/or create a brief video overview of each.
  • Take screenshots of testimonials/reviews and share them – and even look to get video ones and share them too!
  • Use Twitter’s ‘Click to Tweet’ and screenshot them to share on Pinterest.
  • Create images with inspirational quotes and share them.
  • Create a profile board for your ideal client – and add in images that represent them, their hobbies and their lifestyle.
  • Share images and videos giving a glimpse of your working day, your colleagues and office space etc.

Once you start with the above ideas, and start looking on other boards, your creativity will awaken and give you even more ways to implement Pinterest into your business.

Are you on Pinterest or have you yet to explore it? How do you use Pinterest in your business? If you have a novel or interesting way of using it, why not share it with us, by leaving a comment in the box below!

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