The importance of having an opt-in



The importance of having an opt-in offer on your site

Opt-in offers, we’ve all seen them. Whenever you visit a website, you’re greeted with an opportunity to leave your details, in exchange for a free report or similar. Some websites are quite subtle, having a sign up box in the sidebar. Others prefer creating more of an impact, with specially crafted landing pages or pop-ups forms and light boxes. So what exactly is the big deal over opt-in offers?


Building a client list

The biggest benefit of these opt-in offers is actually collecting names and email addresses of interested parties. It gives you an opportunity to build a list of potential clients who are showing an interest in you and/or your products and services.

This means that every free offer you give out is an opportunity to grow your business further. It also means that you have a readymade list of potential clients to interact with and market your products to.

Enabling you to showcase your expertise

There are different types of free opt-in offer; eBooks, PDF’s and downloads, a series of audios, podcasts and interviews, or a series of free videos, to name a few. Whatever your free offer is though, they all have the same great benefit – they enable you to showcase your expertise.

Your opt-in offer gives them a taste of what you know and what you can help them with. If you’ve crafted them well, it will highlight and solve one of their pains or problems – and that’s really valuable to your potential clients.

opt-in builds expert status

Enables you to continue growing the relationship

If you’ve just set up your system to end after your potential client has received the opt-in freebie, you’re missing a trick. The REAL secret of your opt-in is what happens AFTER your potential client has received it.

Your opt-in list of emails is hugely valuable to you, as you can create products and services tailor-made for your clients, by asking those on your list to give you feedback. Create a product that those clients want, and you’ll also guarantee some sort of financial return on your time and effort, as they’ve already shown they’re looking for what you’re offering!

It also gives you the PERFECT opportunity to continue showcasing your expertise, offer EVEN MORE value AND build a stronger relationship with those potential clients – but only if you set your list up correctly.

Your opt-in isn’t a stand-alone product. It is the START of a hugely beneficial funnel – one that starts with your opt-in offer and CONTINUES with regular contact. So set up your opt-in properly. Add in autoresponder emails to go out on a regular basis – emails that continue giving valuable content and that focus on helping or benefiting your potential clients – and ultimately, building on that relationship… as people who know, like and trust you are more likely to buy from you too.

Do you currently have an opt-in offer on your website? What type of opt-in works best for you? How regularly do you send out your autoresponder emails? Why not share your tips and experiences of opt-in offers in the comments box below – and let’s help those that are just getting started in business, grow their business!

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