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The importance of outsourcing to grow your business



There comes a time in business, when you reach a crossroads. You have only two real choices to select from – stay as is, or go up a level.

The problem is, on the surface they both have a ‘downside’.

Staying as is

On one side of that crossroads, you get to stay comfortable. You know where you’re at and what you’re doing – and the chances are, you’re doing it all your way, as you’re doing it alone. All of it. And this is where that ‘downside’ comes in. In order for you to effectively control everything, you need to rein in the growth. You cannot sustain more clients, as you genuinely don’t have the available hours in the day or the energy, to do so.

Growing and outsourcing

On the other side of the crossroads, the ‘downside’ feels risky and uncomfortable. You need to step up, stretch yourself and totally own what you are good at – and outsource pretty much everything else. You can go up a level, but you need to up level yourself, in order to make that happen.

Here’s the thing – outsourcing WILL help your business to grow. It WILL help you to gain back your time and it enables you to focus on what you’re good at and like doing.

Outsourcing – important for you and your business

Outsourcing is so important for your business, as it allows you to show your commitment to growing your business. You can gain access to additional support, skills that may be currently missing from your business, and insights from someone who is as invested in your business growth as you are.

But outsourcing is also important for you too. It enables you to enhance your personal growth, as you learn to value yourself and your time. It also enables you to learn how to effectively and efficiently delegate – whilst learning to let go of the mindset that you’re the only person who can achieve perfection in your business. – and it builds on your levels of trust in others. You also get to really hone your skillset and those things that make you unique – those things that drove you to go into business for yourself, in the first place.

Whether you opt for a VA, an accountant or a marketer, outsourcing may initially take you outside of your comfort zone, but it is steeped in potential rewards for both you and your business. And, putting it honestly, it really is the only option you have when you reach that crossroads – if you truly are ready to step up your business.

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