Top lead magnet ideas!



You may have read some of my previous blogs about ‘Lead Magnets’ – free or low-cost and useful items designed specifically to appeal to your ideal target customer and help to convey your skills, knowledge and expertise (as well as gently introduce the range of full price services you offer!) and wow them with the quality and usefulness of your work.  These free/low-cost items can help drop appropriate potential customers into your business sales funnel (the journey customers make from first finding out about you to making a purchase, and beyond!) and can therefore help to increase the number of people who become fully fledged customers of your business.

A lead magnet can be a great idea for many businesses, but working out what to give away can be a challenge! Here is my top tip for developing a great lead magnet for your business: Think about what your customers really need.

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer. 

  • What problems do they face in their business/life on a day to day basis?
  • What do they want to achieve?
  • What are their goals?

If you can put together a lead magnet that helps with one of their problems or takes them one small step closer towards a goal, focus on that.

  • Are you an organisational ninja?
  • Perhaps you could put together a worksheet to help them streamline their stuff in a few simple steps?
  • If you provide book-keeping services, or offer invoice chasing assistance, why not create a template that the customer can use to reach out to late payers professionally yet firmly?
  • If you’re a whizz on a particular piece of software, a short, pre-recorded ‘introduction to X’ software video could be a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and skill.
  • If you’re a wellbeing expert, a listicle with a number of practical tips for improving wellbeing could be a great lead magnet idea for you.

Whatever you do, make it useful – potential customers won’t sign up for content that isn’t relevant or interesting to them, making the time and effort you’ve invested in creating your lead magnet a waste of precious resources.

Have you got a great idea for a lead magnet for your business? If you need help making the idea a reality, get in touch – I’m here to help!

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