Terms & Conditions for Training

These training terms and conditions, which, together with our Website Terms of Use, sets out the terms under which the Directors of Charlotte Wibberley Ltd & Funnel Architects, (“we”, “us”, “our”), allow you to use the site www.funnelarchitects.co.uk  or www.funnelarchitects.co.uk (“Site”) as a visitor or registered Trainee. All enquiries should be directed to hello@charlottewibberley.co.uk. Please read the terms of this policy carefully, as by using our Site you indicate that you agree to comply with and be bound by them.

“Trainee” shall mean any person signing up to train on any of our courses or programmes through Charlotte Wibberley Ltd or Funnel Architects.

“Graduates” shall mean anyone who has successfully completed the training as set out.


Any person wishing to undertake training through Charlotte Wibberley Ltd or Funnel Architects or Charlotte Wibberley Academy shall apply in accordance with our code of conduct and terms as may be amended from time to time.

By signing up you are agreeing to participate and to honour the full fees for the training where a payment plan is in place.  Please ensure you are prepared to pay the full amount when signing up to your payment plan as this forms a non-cancellable agreement.  Should your payments fail, course access may be restricted pending settlement of payment, however these monies will be due in full. Please see our section on payments below for full details.

Upon signing up, a confirmation email shall be sent outlining the details of the training and any live events that form part of the training, if applicable.  An invitation to the private Facebook (if applicable) shall be sent.

All programmes are for individual use and are not capable of being transferred or transmitted to another person or organisation.


All Trainees agree to abide by our Code of Conduct.

Trainees agree NOT to share any login details, information, downloads, videos or any other course materials outside of their own personal use.

Trainees agree not to use, copy, share or take as their own any material contained within the programme at any point during the training programme or for 12 months after completion.


Upon completion of the training programme,  the trainee shall be offered a certificate of completion.  

We shall have the power to suspend or expel any trainee without refund of any paid fees, if such Trainee has:

  • has committed any unlawful act;

  • wilfully refuses or neglects to comply with a provision of the Terms and Conditions of Charlotte Wibberley Ltd or Funnel School.

  • is found to have knowingly falsified any information submitted to Charlotte Wibberley Ltd or Funnel School or Funnel Remedy, or

  • is found guilty of conduct which in the opinion of the Directors is prejudicial to the interests of the Charlotte Wibberley Ltd or Funnel School or Funnel Remedy.

We cannot issue refunds for any proportion of the Training fees remaining. Trainees paying monthly must continue to pay the Monthly Fee until the natural end of the Payment Plan.

** Trainees agree not to use, copy, share or take as their own any material contained within the programme at any point during the training programme or for 12 months after completion.

Trainees agree not to launch a course, masterclass, training or membership of similar training as any of our courses on Funnels, Launches, Passive Income, Facebook Ads or Sales for a period of 12 months AFTER completion of our course or leaving our membership.**

PLEASE NOTE that failure to adhere to the above will bring about legal action.


All Fees are prepaid through our Site, through ThriveCart, or from time to time as may be deemed necessary via an email link.

Trainees can choose to pay in full up front or monthly split pay basis.

The fees applicable to each Training Programme shall be reviewed from time to time and we reserve the right to change these without prior notice.


By accessing more than 10% of any course waives the right to the 14 day cancellation period in line with Distance Selling Regulations.


The Training Programmes contain all of the contents, benefits and privileges associated at purchase. While every effort is made by us to maintain all of the benefits, we reserve the right to amend the Training Programme if necessary.

While we will endeavour to replace any benefit with a benefit of equivalent value, Trainees will not be entitled to any refund of any fee or portion of fees as a result of any change to the programme..

1:1 Launch Voxer Consultancy


1:1 VIP Launch Consultancy runs for a minimum of 3 months (and then rolling) and includes 1 x 90 minute Google Meets call per month (can be split into two 45 minute meetings at request) and Voxer access to Charlotte for the period of sign up.

Voxer access is limited to 10am-5pm weekdays and with a 24 hour turnaround on messages.
We can chat about anything in your business to do with your launches, email marketing, socials, product etc. You ask the questions and Charlotte will reply.
Messages need to be fairly succinct (no voice notes over 3 minutes please) – and can be a mix of voice and text.
This package does not include any courses, materials, audits, copy, tech training or builds – it is solely for consultancy and Q&A purposes.
Please note this package runs for a minimum of 3 months.
Cancellations are not possible.


Upon purchasing your Training Programme, you acknowledge that you have read the terms of the Privacy Policy.

Trainees agree that use of the Site is governed by the Website Terms of Use and you acknowledge that you have read all of those Terms.

We may wish to publish information from time to time featuring a Trainee, profiling a Trainee, providing a testimonial, or publishing an article on or by a Trainee. We will not publish any information without the prior consent of the Trainee.

Whilst reasonable checks have been made as to the quality of affiliated products and linked sites, we cannot guarantee the performance or quality of these.

We reserve the right to make reasonable changes to the Site and/or Training Programmes and features without prior notice.


Trainees shall be given their unique login details to gain access to their Training Materials. Trainees agree not to share or disclose their password, with any other person, including another Trainee. Breach of this condition will be considered grounds for termination of Training without refund.

Trainees agree that while networking and collaboration is part of the core purposes for which the Charlotte Wibberley Ltd or Funnel Remedy has been established, Trainees will not abuse or otherwise seek to take advantage of the access to other Trainees or Members for the purposes of sales or marketing or other promotional activities for their own ends.

See clause above re not launching any training, courses, masterclasses or membership within 12 months of completion.


Each Trainee of Charlotte Wibberley Ltd or Funnel School/Funnel Remedy agrees and acknowledges that they are responsible for their own interactions with other Trainees or Members.

In the event of a dispute arising regarding the conduct of another Trainee or Member each Trainee  accepts that they should attempt to resolve the dispute between themselves, and if necessary, with the assistance of Charlotte Wibberley Ltd or Funnel School/Funnel Remedy.


An order placed for the purchase of any products or Training Programmes is binding on the purchaser upon completion of the online transaction.  This applies to payment in full and to split payment plans. Purchasers are bound to complete the duration of their payment plan they have signed up to.  If payments fail, the course access may be restricted pending settlement of payment, however these monies will be due in full and an admin fee may be charged. 

Two or more failed payments will require payment of the outstanding balance in full immediately and a further admin fee to be charged.

It is not our policy to give refunds on any Training Programme, products or services purchased via our Site. Please choose carefully. Any refunds offered will be at the sole discretion of the Directors of Charlotte Wibberley Ltd or Funnel Architects l and their decision is final.1:1